'No Fault Found' return costs the mobile industry USD 4.5 billion each year! Feeling the pinch?

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Boost your smartphone sales now by configuring your 'Mobile Exchange' program in 7 days!

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'Service is the new Sell' - Give the Smart User a SmartPhone with a 'Smarter Service'.

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Be a yardstick of quality with our industrial mobile testing solution and ensure quality on a per device level.

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Soumitra Gupta (Founder, CSO)

Soumitra Gupta is a known name in the service and repairs industry. A profound businessman having businesses across business verticals and has a passion for bringing innovative service solutions to the market.
He founded Aforeserve, a leading player in computing devices repair, in the year 2000 with the chief objective of establishing a premier service and support network across India to provide quality life cycle solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers and Designers as well as to end-users of ICT products. Putting more than 20 years of valuable industry experience into practice, Soumitra has spent the last several years in re-inventing and re-vitalizing Aforeserve’s life cycle services to meet the evolving demands and requirements of manufacturers and users alike. With an eye on delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction and quality service, Soumitra places special focus on the proper deployment of resources, use of technology and innovation for better service delivery, continuous advancement of skills and the creation of a conducive work environment that fosters team spirit and recognizes every member’s contribution.
Soumitra holds a Bachelor’s Degree in physics from Maulana Azad College, Kolkata and a Master’s degree in Business Management with a specialization in marketing.


Tarun Anand (Founder, CTO)

Tarun is a technology evangelist and a serial entrepreneur for the last 20 years having successfully formed multiple tech organizations.
Tarun has a rich technology background having worked for Microsoft Corporation, Redmond and Microsoft India from 1995-2004. During his tenure at Redmond, he was on the design and development teams of several products like Windows NT, and 2000, DCOM, COM+, and most recently the .NET Common Language Runtime.

QuTrust Certification

QuTrust True Value mobile application is a diagnostic tool that performs in-depth analysis of mobile device's internal & external components and sensors. The app performs comprehensive "Health Checkup" of the mobile in real-time and assigns a true value score and certifies health of the product.

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